Wedding Chamber Music from Holy Hope

The following songs from the album “Hope Abounds” are perfect to consider for weddings. These chamber ensemble arrangements reflect the intimate, glorious bond of love through the dialogue of the various instruments.  

Composer Kerry Douglass Keyser walked down the aisle in her own wedding to the oboe-piano arrangement of “Glorioso." “Communion of Love” and “Draw Near” were two of her prelude songs. 

  • Glorioso - for oboe, piano 
  • Communion of Love - for violin, cello, piano 
  • Hope Abounds - for clarinet, cello, piano 
  • Draw Near - for viola, piano 
  • Dance of Joy - for brass quartet 
  • Andante - for violin, cello, piano  
  • A Love Left Longing - for violin, viola, cello, piano

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