O Jesus, King of Love  

Beautiful and Loving contains a prayer that was given by Jesus to Sister Yvonne Aimée de Malstroit (1901-1951) - France: “O Jesus, King of Love, I put my trust in Your merciful goodness.”   

I want to thank the Augustines Sisters of Malestroit France for their generous permission in sharing this prayer Jesus gave to their Sister Yvonne Aimée de Malstroit and now with all of us…

Listen to O, Jesus, King of Love.

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Beautiful and Loving: New Choral Album Available! 

Beautiful and Loving is a window into the sacred. It brings us into the courts of heaven, to offer our song of praise, of love to the one who is Love Himself, joining with the unseen, yet ever present host of angels and saints who pray for us along our journey.

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New Album Release: Longing for Home 

We are excited to share our newest solo piano album, composed and performed by Kerry Keyser. “Home” consists of the innocence of our past that at times we long to experience again. It is the “home” we are creating now, with the ones we love. It is also the longing for the “home” we will one day reside in where peace and love will reign. 

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Building Bridges Breaking Bread  

On Saturday, March 2, Rock Recovery, an organization dedicated to bridging eating-disorder treatment gaps, will host its 10th Anniversary Dinner Benefit, Building Bridges Breaking Bread,  in Washington, DC. As apart of this special event, Kerry Keyser, composer and founder of Holy Hope Music has donated her current CDs to guests attending the benefit dinner. 

Where some may struggle to quiet themselves, they may find that through the music of Holy Hope, they are more easily able to enter into a place of…

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Hope Abounds for Joppa House 

Holy Hope is grateful for the opportunity to support Joppa House in Charlevoix, MI by donating the “Hope Abounds” CD for their annual fundraiser. We are amazed by the transformational process that takes place for these women and the integrity and character they exude in the community. 

To learn more about Joppa House, a Christ-centered home that incorporates a curriculum-based program for women who are homeless, or facing homelessness, due to a lack of support, resources, and/or life skills, please visit…

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New Album: Still I Wait 

We're excited to announce the release of Holy Hope's newest album, Still I Wait. The title was chosen as often in life we experience times of waiting. In our waiting it can be difficult to be patient, to be still, to accept what is, especially when there is something more, something greater that we desire, that is beyond our control. 

In our powerlessness to change our circumstances, my hope is that in the stillness, in the waiting, we learn to find the grace and courage to let go, to trust, for in doing so, peace, acceptance, and hope await.

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