Holy Hope Music Helps Local Chicago Non Profits

Two non-profit organizations in the greater Chicago area have sought out the music of HolyHope for their major fundraiser events in 2016. 

Evening of Hope
Desiring the message and experience of “hope” to continue long after their fund raiser event in February 2016, Waterleaf Family Planning Center gave each of the 600 guests at their “Evening of Hope” event HolyHope’s “Abide” CD

Purple Project
The head of Purple Project, a non profit organization that supports those who are grieving was a recipient of the “Abide” CD. She was moved by the music and wanted to share the hope and consolation experienced when listening to the music of HolyHope with those who are grieving. In August 2016, the 800 guests who were in attendance at the Purple Project “Night of Hope” fundraiser event each received a “Communion of Love” CD.

We are honored to have been a part of these amazing organizations' events. If you're interested in having Holy Hope Music featured at your event, contact us

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