Discovery of Hidden Realities

“‘I don’t search, I find,’ said Picasso, commenting on the fact that, for him at least, creativity was not a lengthy process of trial and error but the discovery of a hidden reality tucked away in the immediacy of the here and now.” Veronique Vienne   

I love this notion of setting out to unveil a hidden reality.   

Often I try to uncover what is going on within me at a deeper level.  Sometimes I discover a hidden reality while talking through things with a trusted friend.  Other times journaling helps me see in black and white the things previously swirling in my head.    

When I can’t find the words to give expression to what is within me, I turn to music:  listening, playing and creating.   

Often when I am grappling with things I sit down at the piano to express what I am feeling inside.  Once I have a few rough ideas, I record the melody on my phone.  Sometimes when I play the new melody back, I find myself crying.   

In the creative expression of my piano musings, hidden realities are unveiled. 

The songs I compose speak first and foremost to me, they set my heart free. 

“You, too, can play it by ear:  All you have to do is listen.  Spontaneity springs from a quiet place deep inside yourself, and if you pay attention, you can find its source.”  Veronique Vienne

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