From the recording Still I Wait

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So Love May Fill the Earth

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These words were written on Corpus Christi as an expression of Christ’s union with us and the transformative power of God’s love to change our lives…freeing us to love all we encounter, filling the earth with love.

The unsung lyrics are:

I am the vine you are the branch abide in me always.
As the Father lives in me so I will live in you.
Eat my body drink my blood, that’s been shed for you.
Eat my body drink my blood and I’ll be one with you.
Eat my body drink my blood. Eat my body drink my blood,
Trust in me and you will find that I am in your midst.
Listen for my still soft voice and there you’ll find your way.
My peace I leave, my peace I give, may peace be in your heart.
Love as I have first loved you so love may fill the earth. So love may fill the earth…