Inside Beautiful and Loving

Learn more about the songs on Holy Hope's newest album, Beautiful and Love: Holy Hope Choral

  1. We Come to Adore* 
  2. Mary Lead Us* 
  3. Beautiful and Loving 
  4. Mary’s Lullaby* 
  5. Will I Ever Find My Way 
  6. Holy Angels 
  7. One in You* 
  8. Holy, Your Face I Seek 
  9. So Love May Fill the Earth 
  10. O Jesus, King of Love** 
  11. Behold, I Come* 

Lyrics and music by Kerry Douglass Keyser 
Conducted by: Elizabeth Kapitaniuk 
Vocalists: Heidi Shea, Anjali Chudasama, Hudson Taylor Brown, Ian Spacek 
Piano accompaniment by: Enoch Leung 
Recorded at Wheaton College 
Engineered by Joseph Abdelmelek 
Album design by Paul Vermeesch 

*Arranged for SATB by Thomas Fielding 
*Conducted by Hudson Taylor Brown 
*Vocalists: Heidi Shea, Andra Jimenez, Anjali Chudasama, Lydia Park, Daniel Lee, Eric Rasmussen, Ian Spacek 
** Lyrics are a prayer given by Jesus to Sister Yvonne Aimee de Malestroit (1901-1951)

Lyrics to each song are available within each song track for this album.

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