Behind the Music

Communion of LoveBehind every song is a story. Learn more about the stories behind the songs on my new album "Communion of Love"

We Come to Adore - Lyrics are as follows, each line sung twice.

We come to adore You, we come to adore.
Holy Spirit rain down the fire of Your love.
Burn within us a holy love that will transform our lives
For you are God eternal and we bow in fear and awe.

Communion of Love - is a dialogue between two people about their desire and hesitation and the joy they experience in the love they share for one another. 

Verdant Pastures - is a song of peacefulness and rest whose composition flowed after practicing “Heartbeat.” One can hear remnants of the “Heartbeat” in the bass. The theme in the beginning and the end were then further developed in “Communion of Love” as love for the Divine was extended to love for another. 

Andante - is giving expression to that which has been voiceless. 

Abide - is a prayer of the heart.  It is the quieting of oneself in the presence of God to receive His healing touch. 

Remembrance - captures the longing and reaching for someone or something and the sadness in not being able to attain it. Then, in striving again, connection is experienced and there is joy, peace and the ability to breathe anew in the remembrance and the presence of love.   

Mysterium - After practicing an etude in a minor key, I unintentionally created my own song in the Phrygian Mode by leaving out the sharp. This adds to the uniqueness and mysteriousness of the song as most songs are typically written in a major or minor key. 

Goodbye - is a dialogue of two people reminiscing about times shared together.  The song then transitions into the longing to remain together and the ache that results in having to say goodbye before one is ready. 

Mystical Union - is a song about the union of heaven and earth.  It is a song about the opening up of Heaven and the glimpse of how close God really is to us.   

Heartbeat - the bass line maintains the constant pulse of a heartbeat with the low D.  The openness creates a feeling of expansiveness as one journeys through their heart. 

I often imagine being in the heart of Christ when listening to this song. Being in His heart and experiencing His love gives me the courage to then walk within my own heart to see and experience what is within me. 

Draw Near - the unspoken words are “Draw near, draw near, draw near to me.” The song was birthed from the joy in connecting and drawing near to loved ones.   

Glorioso - reflects the joy of a new day, a new season, opening our eyes to the beauty and life around us and within us.   

Dance of Joy - is an ornamented and slightly altered syncopated version of Abide.

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