Wedding Chamber Music from Holy Hope

The following songs from the album “Hope Abounds” are perfect to consider for weddings. These chamber ensemble arrangements reflect the intimate, glorious bond of love through the dialogue of the various instruments.  

Composer Kerry Douglass Keyser walked down the…

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The theme of this year's TED conference was "The Future You," and Pope Francis surprised the audience with his own talk. His Holiness delivered a plainspoken sermon on the importance of interconnection and tenderness. In his talk, he spoke about the importance of hope: 

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Happy Piano Day

Today is National Piano Day

Piano Day, a annual worldwide event founded by a group of likeminded people, takes place on the 88th day of the year – in 2017 it’s the 29th March – because of the number of keys on the instrument being celebrated. 

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Transcendent Nature of Music

By Kerry Douglass Keyser

I recently started working with another composer, Thomas Fielding, to arrange some of my songs for four part choirs. Today, in listening to Tom's arrangement of my song, I was deeply struck by the transcendent nature of music.  

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Holy Hope Music Helps Local Chicago Non Profits

Two non-profit organizations in the greater Chicago area have sought out the music of HolyHope for their major fundraiser events in 2016. 

Evening of Hope
Desiring the message and experience of “hope” to continue long after their fund raiser…

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Join the Holy Hope Music Community

Throughout life, sounds positively and negatively affects our physical and emotional well-being. At Holy Hope Music, it’s our mission to create music that enhances our lives as a means of teaching, celebrating and expressing ourselves. Here are few ways our music aims to inspire others.  

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Behind the Music

Behind every song is a story. Learn more about the stories behind the songs on my new album "Communion of Love"

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Communion of Love is Now Available!

I'm so excited to announce that my second album, Communion of Love is now available! This album, my second, represents two different sides of love — desire tempered by hesitation and the joy experienced by giving your heart to another. Musically, it is a Christian instrumental worship record which merges an array of genres such as spiritual, new age, as well as the usage of piano. Some of the songs are autobiographical in nature while others are reflections of God’s Love. 

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Description of Abide Songs

The “Abide” album is an invitation to take a few minutes to quiet yourself and listen to what is within.  In the stillness may you find the courage to bring your love, your pain, your longings, your struggles and ultimately yourself to God.  In giving God all that you carry in your heart, may you experience God’s presence.  May your heart be renewed as it is filled with peace, hope, and love as you come and “Abide”. 

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