The Making of Hope Abounds

The making of the “Hope Abounds” album was sheer joy! I cannot speak highly enough of all the musicians I collaborated with from the Wheaton Conservatory of Music.  

Elliot Leung was my first connection with the Conservatory. A humble, energetic and extremely creative composer beyond his years, Elliot was a real blessing and opened up new avenues for inviting other musicians into the music of Holy Hope.  

Over and over again I was impressed with the dynamics among the musicians of the various ensembles. With shared mutual respect, everyone contributed suggestions to enhance the arrangements.  

Our recording engineer, Joseph Abdelmelek, brought a keen ear that was attentive to every detail and was critical to the smoothness and overall success of the recording sessions.  

Paul Vermeesch, our graphic designer, did a phenomenal job visually capturing the essence of the music of “Hope Abounds”. 

Above and beyond the musical, recording and graphic design talent, I was most impressed with the depth of character, respect, kindness and thoughtfulness of each person who contributed to Holy Hope Orchestrated. 

With much gratitude…

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