Description of Abide Songs

The “Abide” album is an invitation to take a few minutes to quiet yourself and listen to what is within.  In the stillness may you find the courage to bring your love, your pain, your longings, your struggles and ultimately yourself to God.  In giving God all that you carry in your heart, may you experience God’s presence.  May your heart be renewed as it is filled with peace, hope, and love as you come and “Abide”. 

Andante - is giving expression to that which has been voiceless. 

Abide - is a prayer of the heart.  It is the quieting of oneself in the presence of God to receive His healing touch. 

Goodbye - is a dialogue of two people reminiscing about times shared together.  The song then transitions into the longing to remain together and the ache that results in having to say goodbye before one is ready. 
Mystical Union - is a song about the union of heaven and earth.  It is a song about the opening up of Heaven and the glimpse of how close God really is to us.   

The desire to write such a song had been in my heart for a while.  The music for part of this song came one morning prior to attending a Good Friday service.  I was struggling though to complete the song.  I knew that God needed to do an interior work within me before the remainder of the song could be composed.  During the Good Friday service while everyone was venerating the cross, I had a powerful experience in prayer.  It was from that spiritual experience with God that the remainder of this song was inspired.   

Ubi Caritas - is a Taize chant, often sung on Holy Thursday.  Taize music is a form of meditative prayer based on the contemplation of a repetitive phrase. 
Lyrics:  Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est. 
Translation:  Where charity and love are, God is there. 

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